Day One

Tarot: Introduction
There is a reason you chose your deck or that your deck found you, so the first step to learning your deck is to just enjoy it. Today, separate the cards into their suits. Separate the major arcana from the minor arcana and look at the images or research decks online if you don’t have yours yet.

You will find some of the artwork speaks to you, some pictures will seem more beautiful or captivating than others. Make a note of the specific cards you love most. As you learn details about the cards, it will be easy for you to see why you were drawn to those specific cards.


Day Two


0-The Fool
The Fool is a child who is hopeful and open to the world. The elements of fire, air, and earth are present in his supplies, but emotional maturity is missing from this picture. This is not always a bad thing. Though the fool can indicate damaging naiveite, and warn you to be careful in your new journey, it can also encourage you to begin a new cycle in life with the refreshing outlook of a child. Take a leap of faith.


Day Three1-magician

I-The Magician
Look closely at the Magician. He has all of the elements at his disposal, and all possibilities are within his reach. This card is almost always positive. You have all you need to handle the situation at hand. You are on the right path.


Day Four
2-priestessII-The High Priestess
The High Priestess appears in times of spiritual growth and achievement. She sits on the throne of the moon and delivers knowledge and connection to the cycles of the earth. She is the gatekeeper of secrets and can indicate hidden things that will come to light and encourages you to trust your instincts.