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Day 19. The Star.


Tarot: The Star XVII

The vision of the goddess in her natural state, naked at the waters balancing nature, inspiration, and emotion. The is Temperance and inspiration, sharing freely with anyone who follows. This is always a good card that brings healing and faith in any situation. Even in the darkness, the brightest star lights the way. There is healing, hope, and renewal available to all.

Stone: Honey Calcite

Honey calcite aids in healing by helping the seeker find their personal power as well as draw divine energy down through to the lower chakras.

Herb: Honey

A critical and versatile resource, honey has been found to be more effective than DM and DPH medicines (like Robistussin) when it comes to reducing cough and discomfort.

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Day 14. The Hanged Man.

Stalled Progress.

Tarot: XII-The Hanged Man

Tied upside down but appearing casual and calm, The Hanged Man indicated a time of being stuck. There is no forward motion or progress where he is concerned. For you, this time will be frustrating but look to The Wheel of Fortune to remember that nothing lasts forever. Use this time to look at the situation from a new perspective.

Herbs: Heather

Bridging the gap between the fierceness of love, the strength of protection and the ethereal nature of spiritual development, Heather mirrors Justice’s ability to balance.

Herbs (2): Slippery Elm

*Not a mistake, these two herbs genuinely fit better than a stone and herb combination.*

Highly nutritious, strengthening and healing, the bark used most often to help with digestive troubles including nausea, vomiting, indigestion, and bloating. In addition, Slipper Elm is used as a binder in pills to make them go down the throat with ease!

If this is your first post here, check out Day One.

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Day 13. Justice.


Tarot: XI-Justice

Justice sits on a throne, sword in one hand, scale in the other. Her eyes are open and her thoughts are clear. Justice appears when legal matters and situations need balancing. She indicates that the right side will win out. Pay close attention to the cards around her. She serves only justice, but other influences can impact an outcome.

Stone: Moonstone

A powerful tool for balancing hormones in women and aligning menstruation cycle with the moon, this is stone is also used to reveal the part of ourselves hidden–even to ourselves. Balance and revelation make Moonstone a perfect partner for Justice.

Herb: Red Raspberry Leaf

Known for aiding to balance hormones, red raspberry teas are nutritious and especially beneficial to women! Check out the two links below for some great information.

red raspberry article

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Day 12. The Wheel of Fortune.


Tarot: X-The Wheel of Fortune

A reflection of the Wheel of the Year, The Wheel of Fortune is a reminder that all things ebb and flow in cycles. Bad times will come to an end, and celebration will return, but also, good times do not last forever. You must be diligent and keep looking forward, moving willingly with the wheel so as not to be thrown off.

Stone: Tiger’s Eye

The symbol of wisdom. Tiger’s Eye is complex and calm in its marbling that is constantly connected to every side.

Herb: Elder


The toxins in elder give this plant a powerful banishing property and are therefore used to banish and deflect. It is associated with Litha (the abundance of Summer), the Crone (wisdom), The Otherworld (Death), and Healing. Through this, we see the power of the cycles of nature and life. Wisdom and death of old ways are crucial to the process and newness and growth with come again.

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Day 11. The Hermit.

Wisdom that transforms,

Tarot: IX-The Hermit

Standing on top of a mountain alone, but with a lantern in hand, The Hermit shows that solitude is necessary at times, but it is not a state to remain in forever. By lighting his lantern, the Hermit makes himself accessible to any who would seek him. Take care to do the same in times of withdrawal. Look inside to heal, and then re-emerge a stronger person.

Stone: Obsidian

Always a favorite stone of mine, Obsidian appears richly dark and mysterious. It is a very protective stone that brings clarity, clears confusions and helps you know who you really are. In addition, obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas. It is often used to gain clear insight into problems. Beware: it is also truth enhancing, and some truths are hard to acknowledge–especially about yourself.

Herb: Frankincense

Frankincense is used both in protection and transformation spells and has the qualities of power, spirituality, meditation, and sacredness. It is a scent easily associated with mysterious and holy places. Do not mistake protection for hiding. Protecting yourself is an act of power. Taking time to know yourself is an act of wisdom.

***A Note: Do not mistake protection for hiding. Protecting yourself is an act of power. Taking time to know yourself is an act of wisdom.


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Day 10. Strength.


Tarot: VIII-Strength

A woman peacefully tends a lion in the valley of a volcano indicating inner strength in the face of extreme circumstances. The terrain is wild, but she is calm. This card shows that you have the inner fortitude to face whatever may come your way. Lean on this card if it appears. Remember it in times of trouble.

Stone: Blue Agate

Blue lace agate is the stone of calm and communication. In times of stress, or when you feel overwhelmed, carry blue lace agate to draw out clear communication from deep within yourself. Your ideas and wisdom are unique and valuable. Stand strong and present yourself calmly to be truly heard.

Herb: Rosemary

Rosemary is a hearty, fragrant herb. It grows best in direct sun and provides both purification and courage and can also be useful in protection charms.

pentagram resizedRitual 
Rosemary is a wonderful unprocessed incense. Hang dry and then light a stem. The smoke will be powerful and fragrant and help you to clear any unwanted energies from a space.

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Day 9. The Chariot.

Success in Career.

Tarot: VII-The Chariot

With much the same energy as The Emperor, The Chariot rides in proud and strong. The Charioteer wears a golden crown of pentacles showing this as a time of positive financial change. Oftentimes The Chariot indicates mobility in business ventures, bringing new success and increased financial opportunities. But this king did not simply inherit his kingdom. He earned it, won it. As such, hard work will be required in the new situation.

Stone: Amber

Amber is the “good luck” stone full of the sun god’s promise of energy and manifestation. Carry amber to manifest spells into reality–especially those dealing with career moves and finances.

Remember the inherent qualities of the stone–turning soft, pliable tree sap into stone. Draw on the energy to turn your opportunities into concrete reality.

Herb: Orange

Use the strong, fresh scent of oranges to awaken and energize your body and your spells. The positive energy carried within the fruit clears negativity and can help you in your pursuit of happiness, success, career goals, attraction, and power.


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Day 7. The Hierophant.

Tarot: V-The Hierophant 

Appearing as in pope-like garb, the Hierophant is a religious leader guarding knowledge with coveted keys. This trusted advisor can be relied on to provide guidance and he is not afraid to reveal the knowledge he has gained through study and experience. This is a time of seeking deeper meaning and spirituality. Be open to learning from those around you who have been there before.

(***Note, for me personally, The Hierophant can also indicate a very religious person of the Book Religions causing me some trouble in my daily life. This will not be true for everyone, but as you learn your cards, you will find that the general meanings of the cards don’t apply to you specifically. Go with your interpretation, but be aware of the general meaning so that when you move into a new phase in your life, you will be aware of the possibility of the card returning to its “Original Meaning.” This is also important for when you do readings for others.)

Stone: Ruby

Passion, protection, and prosperity are obvious qualities of the ruby. When adorning the Hierophant, however, they also symbolize clarity, motivation, and self-confidence.

Herb: Bay

Used to increase visions and for wishes, Bay is a powerful herb to have in your arsenal. After opening yourself to advice and listening to trusted advisors, clarify your desires and enlist Bay to help you manifest them.

pentagram resizedRitual 
Write your desire/wish on a Bay leaf and burn the leaf. Be sure to scatter the ashes in the wind.

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Day 5. The Empress.



Tarot: III-The Empress
Seated on a throne surrounded by the abundance of nature, the Empress represents growth, prosperity, and fertility. She is the mother who nurtures and cares for all things. New life, new creative ventures, and relationships are brought to life through the Empress.

Stone: Serpentine
Promotes healing, growth, peace, and calm. Attracts love and abundance.

Herb: Ivy 
It’s easy to see why Ivy symbolizes abundance. Anywhere it takes root, it blooms and grows until pruned. Ivy can conquer trees, and stone, and many man-made barriers.

In times of pregnancy, or where abundance is sought, look to Ivy. Plant and tend it. Watch it bloom and take note of its resilience and tenacity.

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Day 3. The Magician.


Tarot: I-The Magician

Look closely at the Magician. He has all of the elements at his disposal, and all possibilities are within his reach. This card is almost always positive. You have all you need to handle the situation at hand. You are on the right path.


Herb: Vanilla

Draw calm energies. Revitalize the spirit.

Vanilla holds universal appeal. Comforting and warm, it lulls those within proximity into lowering unconscious defenses, including the seeker. Use Vanilla to reduce anxiety, attract love, and draw positive energies.

bottle-954645_1280 Homeopathy 
Apply Vanilla to burns to relieve pain. (Do not do if blistered or open).
Soak a cotton swab in Vanilla and apply to aching tooth for relief.

Add 1 tablespoon of vanilla to water and vinegar cleaner to clean refrigerator of any lingering smells. Soak a cotton ball and leave it in the fridge to maintain fresh smell.

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Stone: Sunstone


Optimism, good luck, and originality are all obvious qualities of the sunstone. From the name to the not-so-subtle gold highlights, Sunstone screams of untapped energy.

Use Sunstone to strengthen new ventures, lift melancholy, or serve as a simple reminder that greatness lies just below your surface as well. Just like The Magician, the Sunstone has everything needed to be successful.

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