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Day 17. The Devil.

Grounding and Warding.

Tarot: XV-The Devil

Another feared and formidable card, The Devil takes on many different meanings. He can represent a mischievous person, a powerful new influence that pulls you off course or someone intentionally manipulating the situation around you. Do not forget that The Devil used to represent Pan, a god symbolizing pure male power; unrestrained, sexual and strong. Sit with The Devil awhile before assuming, but be on the lookout.

Stone: Hematite

Hematite is a powerful grounding stone providing a sense of stability and mental clarity. Hematite works mostly by shifting negative energy out of the aura, so if you are impacted by negative energies around you, Hematite will have a profound effect on your daily life.

Herb: Paprika

Paprika wards against negativity and evil or malicious energy. While The Devil is not always an evil presence in your cards, it can represent an upset in the energies around you so the addition of Paprika in your arsenal can add the protection you need to give yourself space to evaluate the situation at hand.

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Day 16. Temperance.

Meditation and Balance.

Tarot: XIV-Temperance

Temperance reminds you to find balance, especially in emotions. One foot in the river of emotions is a good thing, as long as one foot remains firmly on solid ground. These conditions are often perfect for reconciliation, and Temperance usually brings healing.

Stone: Snow Quartz

Possessing all the qualities of clear quartz but gentler, snow quartz is best for meditation and looking within.

Herb: Chamomile

Beautiful and delicate in appearance, Chamomile is a known calming agent used in teas worldwide for ages and has been known in England as a “bandage for the stomach.” Use the recipe below for a Temper-Taming Potion to soothe crabbiness away.


2 teaspoons chamomile flowers
1/2 teaspoon chopped licorice (if desired)


-Pour 1 cup boiling water over flowers in stainless steel pot.
-Put a lid on and steep for 15-20 minutes.
-Strain, sweeten to taste and drink 1/4-1/2 cup doses.

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Day 13. Justice.


Tarot: XI-Justice

Justice sits on a throne, sword in one hand, scale in the other. Her eyes are open and her thoughts are clear. Justice appears when legal matters and situations need balancing. She indicates that the right side will win out. Pay close attention to the cards around her. She serves only justice, but other influences can impact an outcome.

Stone: Moonstone

A powerful tool for balancing hormones in women and aligning menstruation cycle with the moon, this is stone is also used to reveal the part of ourselves hidden–even to ourselves. Balance and revelation make Moonstone a perfect partner for Justice.

Herb: Red Raspberry Leaf

Known for aiding to balance hormones, red raspberry teas are nutritious and especially beneficial to women! Check out the two links below for some great information.

red raspberry article

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