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Day 7. The Hierophant.

Tarot: V-The Hierophant 

Appearing as in pope-like garb, the Hierophant is a religious leader guarding knowledge with coveted keys. This trusted advisor can be relied on to provide guidance and he is not afraid to reveal the knowledge he has gained through study and experience. This is a time of seeking deeper meaning and spirituality. Be open to learning from those around you who have been there before.

(***Note, for me personally, The Hierophant can also indicate a very religious person of the Book Religions causing me some trouble in my daily life. This will not be true for everyone, but as you learn your cards, you will find that the general meanings of the cards don’t apply to you specifically. Go with your interpretation, but be aware of the general meaning so that when you move into a new phase in your life, you will be aware of the possibility of the card returning to its “Original Meaning.” This is also important for when you do readings for others.)

Stone: Ruby

Passion, protection, and prosperity are obvious qualities of the ruby. When adorning the Hierophant, however, they also symbolize clarity, motivation, and self-confidence.

Herb: Bay

Used to increase visions and for wishes, Bay is a powerful herb to have in your arsenal. After opening yourself to advice and listening to trusted advisors, clarify your desires and enlist Bay to help you manifest them.

pentagram resizedRitual 
Write your desire/wish on a Bay leaf and burn the leaf. Be sure to scatter the ashes in the wind.

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Day 3. The Magician.


Tarot: I-The Magician

Look closely at the Magician. He has all of the elements at his disposal, and all possibilities are within his reach. This card is almost always positive. You have all you need to handle the situation at hand. You are on the right path.


Herb: Vanilla

Draw calm energies. Revitalize the spirit.

Vanilla holds universal appeal. Comforting and warm, it lulls those within proximity into lowering unconscious defenses, including the seeker. Use Vanilla to reduce anxiety, attract love, and draw positive energies.

bottle-954645_1280 Homeopathy 
Apply Vanilla to burns to relieve pain. (Do not do if blistered or open).
Soak a cotton swab in Vanilla and apply to aching tooth for relief.

Add 1 tablespoon of vanilla to water and vinegar cleaner to clean refrigerator of any lingering smells. Soak a cotton ball and leave it in the fridge to maintain fresh smell.

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Stone: Sunstone


Optimism, good luck, and originality are all obvious qualities of the sunstone. From the name to the not-so-subtle gold highlights, Sunstone screams of untapped energy.

Use Sunstone to strengthen new ventures, lift melancholy, or serve as a simple reminder that greatness lies just below your surface as well. Just like The Magician, the Sunstone has everything needed to be successful.

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Day 1. Beginning.

***Note: This devotional is not an attempt to teach you all there is to know. It’s an overview. I will provide links for more information, but the intention is to connect the cards, herbs, and stones together to increase memory and set a daily pattern of study. There are millions of resources out there. Follow what you are drawn to and study more! Have fun and your mind will open and grow.***


cardsTarot: Introduction
There is a reason you chose your deck or that your deck found you, so the first step to learning your deck is to just enjoy it. Today, separate the cards into their suits. Separate the major arcana from the minor arcana and look at the images or research decks online if you don’t have yours yet.

You will find some of the artwork speaks to you, some pictures will seem more beautiful or captivating than others. Make a note of the specific cards you love most. As you learn details about the cards, it will be easy for you to see why you were drawn to those specific cards.


Herb: Mustard Seed
Warming and powerful as the God himself.
The mustard seed is famous for being a symbol of expansive possibility. As such, when you spend time learning each day, your mind is expanding and growing just like the mustard seed. Anytime you begin something new that requires a lot of energy, include a mustard seed.

bottle-954645_1280 Homeopathy 
Mustard has many uses in homeopathic remedies and serves as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Get more information here.

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Stone: Crystal Quartz
The crystal quartz is the perfect “beginner” quartz. Its energy is universal, and it carries no innate color for associations. Use crystal quartz to amplify the energy of any workings. Crystal quartz is also a perfect stand-in if a spell or meditation calls for a specific stone that you do not have in your collection.

Use this overview to connect these elements and you will retain the information easier and be able to put it into practice!

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A Time for Change

I have written a little about where my heart is these days, about the call of the forest and my deep desire to simply disappear from this world into a quieter one where my hands are muddy and my soul is free from concrete and the white noise.

Finally, my efforts to make that reality are showing in my physical and metaphysical pursuits.

I apologize for the poor quality photo, but this is my morning reading from yesterday.


Change is afoot.

I am the Tower, the destruction of things built on false beliefs. My foundation is Death, the end of a cycle of my life. The Devil is behind me along with his deception. A journey forward is the crowning thought of my life and Karma, good luck, and my King are on my side, in my future.

This reading made me so happy and validated all of the turmoil and hard work I have endured so far.

I am really looking forward to where this all will lead.

More Information:
If you’ve never used the Celtic Cross spread before, there are several variations out there. The one I use is as follows:

celtic cross spread

  1. You- This is the card that indicates your current state in your journey.
  2. What Surrounds You-These are the influences most directly impacting you right now.
  3. What Blocks You-Any potentially problematic issues you will face.
  4. Your Foundation
  5. Your Immediate Past
  6. Crowning Thoughts
  7. Your Immediate Future
  8. How to Present Yourself to the World.
  9. What to focus on/Inner Aspects of Self.
  10. Hopes/Fears -Which are often the same thing. (Hoping for happiness and stability is the same as fearing discord and instability)
  11. Outcome.

What Tarot spread is your favorite?

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I’m Glad They Don’t Take Us Seriously.

When I first saw this video

I was angry. The dopey music put me off. The weird video clips and ending the piece by focusing on Christians…? It was all infuriating.

As I thought more about it, I got angrier. Christians only make up about 7 percent of the population, but they seem to control the dialog. Even major publications like the New York Times present Christian beliefs and prayers as completely normal, completely rational and normative Read More. but somehow, pagan beliefs are ridiculous.

No plunky music plays over clips of church services. No counter-“curses” are thrown their way.


Then, as I sat down to write this, I realized something else: it’s a good thing. It’s good no one takes us seriously as pagans. It’s good they don’t see us as policy influencers or reputable believers.

It’s good because if they continue to see us all as caricatures, Dungeons and Dragons cosplayers chanting in smoky basements before going back to our video games and science fiction books, then they leave us alone.

Pagans are as multi-faceted as the gods we worship. We believe many things, look a million ways and live a million lives the “mainstream” religions could never understand.

And it’s good for us.

While they focus on countering our prayers, our spells aimed at making the world a better place, we continue forward. We mind our own business and call to the gods that predate their books, their religion, their constraints.

So instead of getting angry, I have this to say: Ignore us. Underestimate us. And, leave us alone.


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Merry Solstice!

Check out this playlist!

I know some people started celebrating yesterday, but my calendar and the sunrise/sunset calendar say today’s the day!

Today started with waking up at sunrise, sitting out on the front porch (until the mosquito trucks came) and a meditation.


I took a detour from my normal mantra, though it made an appearance too. Instead, this morning I took the time to work on my chakras a little. I have been so overwhelmed with options, choices and generally lacking a clear, focused direction. So this morning, using the energy of the sun at its strongest, I focused on my chakras, and an interesting thing happened….


Normally my chakra meditation starts with my roots and works up–pretty typical–but I use the energies to feed my root chakra, where I feel the least connected. Today I realized this also channels the energy through my sacral chakra, my creative center. My sacral chakra does NOT need any help. I am firing creatively on all centers. Instead, I need that energy to move UP.

I need that energy to fuel my connection to other, my communication skills and my ability to see to the core of problems to help people.

So I reversed course.

Instead of pulling energy down to my root, I pushed it up to my throat and third eye chakras.


Here’s a great, simple chakra meditation from Womangic!


Now, I’m taking the day to contemplate and focus on building on that energy and pour myself into the projects I have going before starting any others.

Oh, and I left one of my roller perfumes out in the garden to soak up the sun’s energy to be used all year to energize my goals and focus my attention!

How are you celebrating the holiday?

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My Core: My Beliefs.

It seemed only right that my second post on a pagan blog be about my beliefs. “Pagan” means so many different things to so many different people that it’s hard to know a person unless you know their standing.


Essentially, I am a Universalist. I believe that the powers of the universe are immutable regardless of the names we use for them. If ten humans stand in a room and witness a glowing ball of light, you will end up with ten different descriptions based on history, upbringing, vocabulary, etc. So, whether you call that divine force God, Yahweh, Allah, Ganesh, Brighid, Pan, Jesus, Aliens, Devil, Energy, Spirits, etc., etc., etc., I believe you are right.

Unlike many of those who follow the book religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Satanism), I actually believe Deity is all-knowing and all-powerful. Therefore, I do not believe God is ever confused. I do not believe a devout follower will be barred from “Heaven” for using the wrong moniker, and I like to say heaven isn’t password protected.

Speaking of Heaven, I believe more in the concept of Home. There is too much evidence of another side to ignore it from mediums to Quantum Physics. I believe that we all return home and are granted a time of rest and reunification with family. I believe we are granted the opportunity to stay and learn and enjoy or return to this plane if we so choose.

I do believe evil is punished, but I do not believe in Hell, at least not the Biblical Hell. I believe more in darkness–being cast into darkness–but only in the most extreme cases.

I do not believe morality centers around who a person sleeps with or how they vote, but rather on how we treat one another. “Do what you will, but harm none.”

For this reason (any many others), I identify with the Correllian Tradition of Wicca. It felt like home to me, born of similar circumstances as my own family’s amalgamation of native beliefs.


I believe Tarot is a direct line of communication with Deity for me, though is certainly not the only line.


I believe my daughter sees ghosts and will one day be a gifted medium.

And I believe that one day I will die and be greeted at Home by my loved ones, but I do not live my life for this promise. Even if I am very, very wrong and the beliefs I hold prove false, even if I look up from the pits of the Biblical Hell, I will not regret these beliefs or the way I have lived my life.

I harm none. I hate none. I care for my family and the downtrodden. I teach love and live responsibly and respectfully–always seeking, always learning. Any God who sees that as punishable by an eternity of suffering (or a thousand years if you read the Good Book) is not a god I would want to follow anyhow.

These are just some of the things I believe, but this is the foundation of who I am, who I choose to be, and why I choose it.

I’d love to hear what you believe too!

Thanks for reading, and Blessed Be!

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I am excited to be starting this adventure.

Really, my goals here are two-fold.

  1. To establish a routine for sharing the things I believe.
  2. To show that the world is full of a wide variety of Pagans out there. We do not all look and act “like witches.” Mostly, we’re pretty ordinary people finding a connection with the divine in our own ways.

If your blog deals with something similar, leave a link in the comments & I’ll come check it out!


Next up: My daily blessing & affirmation!