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The Full Moon



Last night,
As I stirred
And woke
And wiped the sleep from my eyes,
The full moon greeted me.

She shined
Her brilliance
Shuttered windows
And welcomed me home.

And I sat
In awed wonder
And opened the shutters wide.

I stared
And breathed deep
The light
And the comfort she offered.

I did not
For a second
Regret waking.
I rejoiced in the moment.

Stolen at three a.m.

Not all is right
Not all is well,
Not all is lost.

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Feeling Chained

The closer I get to having all of my dreams come true in the modern world, the more my heart cries out for escape from it all.

This week I am supposed to find out the direction of the next 5-10 years of my life. I have a business loan on the horizon, a paycheck that will enable me to get a HOME for my family. A real place. A permanent place.

It’s everything I have been working for.

And suddenly I just want to run away. I want to scoop up my family, and drive into the deepest part of the forest and just disappear from modern life.


I want to start with a tent or a shed and sacks of flour and sugar and little else.
I want to forage and cut down the trees to build our home.
I want to hunt and fish and live off the land.
(All things my family is capable of, by the way).


I want to listen to the animals and watch my children invent games with nothing more than their own minds and the sticks and stones around them.

I long for it.

I couldn’t manage it this year. I couldn’t manage the funding soon enough to get away for a road trip, much less a permanent piece of land somewhere.
But I long for it. I really do.


Instead of getting depressed, I decided to take action. I realize that I cannot simply uproot my family. I cannot pull my children from their community, their school, away from grandparents they love. If we moved, it would have to be in stages, summers spent building a home on some land while we rent a home in their school district.

My way forward is the responsible way, the way of the hearth, Brighid’s way.

My first action was to make a money oil. I wasn’t thrilled with any of the “recipes” in my spell books, so I looked on up online and discovered an awesome resource inĀ Noah Tempestarii. He is a kindred spirit making connection with Deity practical and accessible. Check him out.

Anyway, his money oil way simple and inspired, containing herbs I agreed with.

With this oil, I am going to do a money spell tonight in the glow of the waxing moon.

As the moon grows, so will my income.

I am not asking to get rich quick or to take from anyone. I am refocusing my efforts on earning and drawing money to my efforts.

I don’t think money solves everything, but if I am to exist in this world, I must operate within it.