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Merry Solstice!

Check out this playlist!

I know some people started celebrating yesterday, but my calendar and the sunrise/sunset calendar say today’s the day!

Today started with waking up at sunrise, sitting out on the front porch (until the mosquito trucks came) and a meditation.


I took a detour from my normal mantra, though it made an appearance too. Instead, this morning I took the time to work on my chakras a little. I have been so overwhelmed with options, choices and generally lacking a clear, focused direction. So this morning, using the energy of the sun at its strongest, I focused on my chakras, and an interesting thing happened….


Normally my chakra meditation starts with my roots and works up–pretty typical–but I use the energies to feed my root chakra, where I feel the least connected. Today I realized this also channels the energy through my sacral chakra, my creative center. My sacral chakra does NOT need any help. I am firing creatively on all centers. Instead, I need that energy to move UP.

I need that energy to fuel my connection to other, my communication skills and my ability to see to the core of problems to help people.

So I reversed course.

Instead of pulling energy down to my root, I pushed it up to my throat and third eye chakras.


Here’s a great, simple chakra meditation from Womangic!


Now, I’m taking the day to contemplate and focus on building on that energy and pour myself into the projects I have going before starting any others.

Oh, and I left one of my roller perfumes out in the garden to soak up the sun’s energy to be used all year to energize my goals and focus my attention!

How are you celebrating the holiday?

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Every Day

One of the only things I really enjoyed about being in the Christian churches was the predictable structure. I function well in structure, which isn’t common among Pagans.

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog, this space, was to show that a little structure without dogmatic overtones can be very helpful in spiritual growth. At least for me.

So here it is, my daily routine:

Each morning I wake up and light some incense.


While the smoke fills the room, I walk through my mantra:


“Lord and Lady of the sun and moon,
Cleanse and bless this day, these rooms.
Let this day be free from strife and fear.
Let only joy and love come near.
With blessings given and received,
I walk with Truth in word and deed.
As I will, so shall it be.
And it is so.

This sets my mindset for the day and gives my brain a little time to wake up and connects me with Deity first thing.

The last thing I do every day is a little reading with my cards. While the Celtic Cross is my all-time favorite spread, morning readings are just a 5-card spread to give an overview of


1. Works

2. Home

3. The Unexpected

4. My Role

5. Outcome


I have come to rely on these readings. Partially because I don’t like walking through life blind, and the cards give me a semblance of control, and partially because my cards are eerily accurate.

This is my routine now, but I used to wake up every day and read a section of a Wiccan text, taking notes and learning my cards. The point is, I find comfort in routine, but I have also reached new spiritual depths by making it a daily practice.

What is your daily practice?