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Day 19. The Star.


Tarot: The Star XVII

The vision of the goddess in her natural state, naked at the waters balancing nature, inspiration, and emotion. The is Temperance and inspiration, sharing freely with anyone who follows. This is always a good card that brings healing and faith in any situation. Even in the darkness, the brightest star lights the way. There is healing, hope, and renewal available to all.

Stone: Honey Calcite

Honey calcite aids in healing by helping the seeker find their personal power as well as draw divine energy down through to the lower chakras.

Herb: Honey

A critical and versatile resource, honey has been found to be more effective than DM and DPH medicines (like Robistussin) when it comes to reducing cough and discomfort.

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Day 18. The Tower.

The End of a Bad Cycle.

Tarot: The Tower XVI

A storm rages, shadows of your former self is tossed into the ocean, fire rages and The Tower is lost. This might seem like the worst situation possible, but in reality, The Tower brings together the ideas of the cards that came before. Death and The Wheel of Fortune remind you that the end of something is the beginning of something new. The Tower promises even more. The destruction of things built on false promises burns to the ground and you are able to begin again with open eyes. Do not remain willfully blinded.

Stone: Apache Tear

Used to ground, heal grief, and gain understanding, the Apache Tear is the perfect stone to carry with you during times of great change or upheaval. Especially since Apache Tears can also absorb negative energy. Remember that not all change is bad and that The Tower signifies the end of something built on FALSE beliefs. Seek clarity during this time and you will also find comfort.

Herb: Thyme

Thyme is a powerful decongestant and is a wonderful homeopathic aid for asthma and colds that impact the respiratory system. In ritual, thyme is best used to ward negativity, for purification, and to promote swift action.

bottle-954645_1280 Homeopathy- 
Make a simple tea with 1 teaspoon of dried thyme and serve with honey to alleviate chest tightness associated with asthma and the common cold.

*NOTE: Thyme teas are meant to be used WITH medications to aid in relief. THIS IS IN NO WAY INTENDED TO BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL CARE*

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Day 8. The Lovers.


Tarot: VI-The Lovers

Held in a tight embrace and surrounded by the beauty of nature, The Lovers is almost always a positive card. This can indicate a new relationship or a renewed honeymoon period in a long-term commitment. Balance, bliss, and contentment are all present here.

Stone: Carnelian

Vitality, courage, sexuality, and confidence. Carnelian is said to activate the Root, Sacral, and solar plexus chakra and is the perfect stone to keep on hand when starting new ventures.

Herb: Rose

An obvious symbol of love and commitment, the rose stands as a reminder of the stages of love. Strength and patience are required to gain the beautiful bloom. Love is not hasty, nor is it easy, but there is bliss for the patient. Even those who are drawn to the initial beauty of a rose have to tend to it carefully to gain the flower for themselves. Love works just the same.

Grow roses in your magical garden to serve as a reminder of the truths and cycles of romance.

pentagram resizedRitual 
Add rose to love spells for a powerful boost of energy.

building-2027169_640 Around the House 
Use rose water to help prevent and treat razor burn, take the sting out of bug bites, and use as a setting spray for makeup.

bottle-954645_1280 Homeopathy
Use rose water to help heal sunburn. Also useful as a skin toner.


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Day 4. The High Priestess.



**Note: I am playing with different formats. Chek the photo descriptions for information today. This should make it easier to download and pin with all the information you need. Let me know what you think.**

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The High Priestess appears in times of spiritual growth and achievement. She sits on the throne of the moon and delivers knowledge and connection to the cycles of the earth. She is the gatekeeper of secrets and can indicate hidden things that will come to light and encourages you to trust your instincts.


herb resized

Sage is the go-to herb for cleansing and purifying. Use to clear a sacred space, bless and consecrate a home, cleanse crystals, and to set intentions in meditation.

bottle resized Homeopathy 
Fill a cloth bag with fresh sage leaves and steep in a hot tub. Soak in tub, deeply breathing in steam to help clear chest congestion.
(More Information on a few Sage Remedies here).

pentagram resized.jpgRitual 
Making your own smudge stick is very simple. Follow these basic instructions for any smudge stick you wish to make.



Lapis brings together the mind and the voice to create clear communication and helps to sort out important topics. Use in times of deep reflection or to enhance communication.

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Day 1. Beginning.

***Note: This devotional is not an attempt to teach you all there is to know. It’s an overview. I will provide links for more information, but the intention is to connect the cards, herbs, and stones together to increase memory and set a daily pattern of study. There are millions of resources out there. Follow what you are drawn to and study more! Have fun and your mind will open and grow.***


cardsTarot: Introduction
There is a reason you chose your deck or that your deck found you, so the first step to learning your deck is to just enjoy it. Today, separate the cards into their suits. Separate the major arcana from the minor arcana and look at the images or research decks online if you don’t have yours yet.

You will find some of the artwork speaks to you, some pictures will seem more beautiful or captivating than others. Make a note of the specific cards you love most. As you learn details about the cards, it will be easy for you to see why you were drawn to those specific cards.


Herb: Mustard Seed
Warming and powerful as the God himself.
The mustard seed is famous for being a symbol of expansive possibility. As such, when you spend time learning each day, your mind is expanding and growing just like the mustard seed. Anytime you begin something new that requires a lot of energy, include a mustard seed.

bottle-954645_1280 Homeopathy 
Mustard has many uses in homeopathic remedies and serves as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Get more information here.

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Stone: Crystal Quartz
The crystal quartz is the perfect “beginner” quartz. Its energy is universal, and it carries no innate color for associations. Use crystal quartz to amplify the energy of any workings. Crystal quartz is also a perfect stand-in if a spell or meditation calls for a specific stone that you do not have in your collection.

Use this overview to connect these elements and you will retain the information easier and be able to put it into practice!

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