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I’m Glad They Don’t Take Us Seriously.

When I first saw this video

I was angry. The dopey music put me off. The weird video clips and ending the piece by focusing on Christians…? It was all infuriating.

As I thought more about it, I got angrier. Christians only make up about 7 percent of the population, but they seem to control the dialog. Even major publications like the New York Times present Christian beliefs and prayers as completely normal, completely rational and normative Read More. but somehow, pagan beliefs are ridiculous.

No plunky music plays over clips of church services. No counter-“curses” are thrown their way.


Then, as I sat down to write this, I realized something else: it’s a good thing. It’s good no one takes us seriously as pagans. It’s good they don’t see us as policy influencers or reputable believers.

It’s good because if they continue to see us all as caricatures, Dungeons and Dragons cosplayers chanting in smoky basements before going back to our video games and science fiction books, then they leave us alone.

Pagans are as multi-faceted as the gods we worship. We believe many things, look a million ways and live a million lives the “mainstream” religions could never understand.

And it’s good for us.

While they focus on countering our prayers, our spells aimed at making the world a better place, we continue forward. We mind our own business and call to the gods that predate their books, their religion, their constraints.

So instead of getting angry, I have this to say: Ignore us. Underestimate us. And, leave us alone.


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Every Day

One of the only things I really enjoyed about being in the Christian churches was the predictable structure. I function well in structure, which isn’t common among Pagans.

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog, this space, was to show that a little structure without dogmatic overtones can be very helpful in spiritual growth. At least for me.

So here it is, my daily routine:

Each morning I wake up and light some incense.


While the smoke fills the room, I walk through my mantra:


“Lord and Lady of the sun and moon,
Cleanse and bless this day, these rooms.
Let this day be free from strife and fear.
Let only joy and love come near.
With blessings given and received,
I walk with Truth in word and deed.
As I will, so shall it be.
And it is so.

This sets my mindset for the day and gives my brain a little time to wake up and connects me with Deity first thing.

The last thing I do every day is a little reading with my cards. While the Celtic Cross is my all-time favorite spread, morning readings are just a 5-card spread to give an overview of


1. Works

2. Home

3. The Unexpected

4. My Role

5. Outcome


I have come to rely on these readings. Partially because I don’t like walking through life blind, and the cards give me a semblance of control, and partially because my cards are eerily accurate.

This is my routine now, but I used to wake up every day and read a section of a Wiccan text, taking notes and learning my cards. The point is, I find comfort in routine, but I have also reached new spiritual depths by making it a daily practice.

What is your daily practice?

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My Core: My Beliefs.

It seemed only right that my second post on a pagan blog be about my beliefs. “Pagan” means so many different things to so many different people that it’s hard to know a person unless you know their standing.


Essentially, I am a Universalist. I believe that the powers of the universe are immutable regardless of the names we use for them. If ten humans stand in a room and witness a glowing ball of light, you will end up with ten different descriptions based on history, upbringing, vocabulary, etc. So, whether you call that divine force God, Yahweh, Allah, Ganesh, Brighid, Pan, Jesus, Aliens, Devil, Energy, Spirits, etc., etc., etc., I believe you are right.

Unlike many of those who follow the book religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Satanism), I actually believe Deity is all-knowing and all-powerful. Therefore, I do not believe God is ever confused. I do not believe a devout follower will be barred from “Heaven” for using the wrong moniker, and I like to say heaven isn’t password protected.

Speaking of Heaven, I believe more in the concept of Home. There is too much evidence of another side to ignore it from mediums to Quantum Physics. I believe that we all return home and are granted a time of rest and reunification with family. I believe we are granted the opportunity to stay and learn and enjoy or return to this plane if we so choose.

I do believe evil is punished, but I do not believe in Hell, at least not the Biblical Hell. I believe more in darkness–being cast into darkness–but only in the most extreme cases.

I do not believe morality centers around who a person sleeps with or how they vote, but rather on how we treat one another. “Do what you will, but harm none.”

For this reason (any many others), I identify with the Correllian Tradition of Wicca. It felt like home to me, born of similar circumstances as my own family’s amalgamation of native beliefs.


I believe Tarot is a direct line of communication with Deity for me, though is certainly not the only line.


I believe my daughter sees ghosts and will one day be a gifted medium.

And I believe that one day I will die and be greeted at Home by my loved ones, but I do not live my life for this promise. Even if I am very, very wrong and the beliefs I hold prove false, even if I look up from the pits of the Biblical Hell, I will not regret these beliefs or the way I have lived my life.

I harm none. I hate none. I care for my family and the downtrodden. I teach love and live responsibly and respectfully–always seeking, always learning. Any God who sees that as punishable by an eternity of suffering (or a thousand years if you read the Good Book) is not a god I would want to follow anyhow.

These are just some of the things I believe, but this is the foundation of who I am, who I choose to be, and why I choose it.

I’d love to hear what you believe too!

Thanks for reading, and Blessed Be!

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I am excited to be starting this adventure.

Really, my goals here are two-fold.

  1. To establish a routine for sharing the things I believe.
  2. To show that the world is full of a wide variety of Pagans out there. We do not all look and act “like witches.” Mostly, we’re pretty ordinary people finding a connection with the divine in our own ways.

If your blog deals with something similar, leave a link in the comments & I’ll come check it out!


Next up: My daily blessing & affirmation!