Stones and Crystals

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Citrine bursts with color and energy. Perfect for spells & meditations dealing with energy and abundance, the Waxing or Full Moon.

Citrine also attracts abundance, success, and happiness. It is a wonderful stone to have in your collection and especially important for those who struggle with bouts of sadness or are suffering from loss or heartache.

Crystal Quartz
The crystal quartz is the perfect “beginner” quartz. Its energy is universal, and it carries no innate color for associations. Use crystal quartz to amplify the energy of any workings. Crystal quartz is also a perfect stand-in if a spell or meditation calls for a specific stone that you do not have in your collection.

Use this overview to connect these elements and you will retain the information easier and be able to put it into practice!


Lapis brings together the mind and the voice to create clear communication and helps to sort out important topics. Use in times of deep reflection or to enhance communication.


Optimism, good luck, and originality are all obvious qualities of the sunstone. From the name to the not-so-subtle gold highlights, Sunstone screams of untapped energy.

Use Sunstone to strengthen new ventures, lift melancholy, or serve as a simple reminder that greatness lies just below your surface as well.