Lemon Balm

Lemon balm comforts the heart and drives away sadness. It is said to soothe the nervous system and lift spirits. This is the herb of happy energy, just like the ever-optimistic Fool.

Lemon balm has strong, volatile oils and gives off a powerful, clean scent. Use lemon balm when you begin a new journey to ensure success, love, health, & good luck.

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Children’s Happy Potion





Mustard Seed

Warming and powerful as the God himself.
The mustard seed is famous for being a symbol of expansive possibility. As such, when you spend time learning each day, your mind is expanding and growing just like the mustard seed. Anytime you begin something new that requires a lot of energy, include a mustard seed.

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Mustard has many uses in homeopathic remedies and serves as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Get more information here.




Sage is the go-to herb for cleansing and purifying. Use to clear a sacred space, bless and consecrate a home, cleanse crystals, and to set intentions in meditation.

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Fill a cloth bag with fresh sage leaves and steep in a hot tub. Soak in tub, deeply breathing in steam to help clear chest congestion.
(More Information on a few Sage Remedies here).

pentagram resized.jpgRitual 
Making your own smudge stick is very simple. Follow these basic instructions for any smudge stick you wish to make.




Vanilla holds universal appeal. Comforting and warm, it lulls those within proximity into lowering unconscious defenses, including the seeker. Use Vanilla to reduce anxiety, attract love, and draw positive energies.

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Apply Vanilla to burns to relieve pain. (Do not do if blistered or open).
Soak a cotton swab in Vanilla and apply to aching tooth for relief.

Add 1 tablespoon of vanilla to water and vinegar cleaner to clean refrigerator of any lingering smells. Soak a cotton ball and leave it in the fridge to maintain fresh smell.