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The Full Moon



Last night,
As I stirred
And woke
And wiped the sleep from my eyes,
The full moon greeted me.

She shined
Her brilliance
Shuttered windows
And welcomed me home.

And I sat
In awed wonder
And opened the shutters wide.

I stared
And breathed deep
The light
And the comfort she offered.

I did not
For a second
Regret waking.
I rejoiced in the moment.

Stolen at three a.m.

Not all is right
Not all is well,
Not all is lost.

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Thank you for the Post a Day Challenge and the Daily Prompt!

This is my radical new realization that my body is mine. She is me, but I am still a passenger here in this life.


Passenger by Gwen Smith


I am a Passenger
On a ship
In a sea unknown.
I wake and steer toward
Distant shores
I have never seen.

I am a Dreamer
In a scene
I did not create.
I know I am not home
Nor awake
But lessons must be learned.

I am this Body.
She is me.
We walk together
I see her radiance
In the dark
And I know that I

Am just a passenger.

via Daily Prompt: Passenger

This work is idea was introduced to me by the amazing Jamie Finch & Her work “From the Well of WomanKind.” You can find her at Jamie Lee Finch.

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