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August 8 Tarot Confusion


The Pagan Devotional will be up and running again next week when I am on my feet fully.

Today, however, I’d like to share my morning reading. (Recall that I use a version of the Celtic Cross spread most often.)  I trust my cards & my readings but that doesn’t mean things are always crystal clear.

What a mixed bag.

I have made some major changes in the last week. I was so sick that I literally lost days, and it inspired me to do some serious re-evaluation of my life. I was looking to the cards for a general feel of the new course, and this spread is…well, honestly, it’s baffling.

I get The Hierophant. I have resisted the role of High Priestess and religious leader but I understand that it is a huge part of my new role. And, I am thrilled to see the X of Pentacles as my immediate future. It always means good things ahead for my family but the dreaded Illusion Card as my foundation???? (VI of Cups). What’s that about?

Not crazy about the V of Swords either, and I’m very confused by the outcome showing up as a person (which Pages always are for me). I don’t know what that means.

All-in-all, a mixed bag.

Anyway, thanks for staying tuned. I look forward to getting back to the devotional soon. 

Oh, and if you have ANY insight on this reading, please share below!

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Mood & the Moon

As the moon fades into the last quarter this month, I notice 3 things.

  1. Social Anxiety is taking over my life & making work a hell of a lot harder than it needs to be.
  2. I am very scattered. My thoughts are all over and my sleep pattern is weird.
  3. I do not want to do ANYTHING. Nothing. I feel so anxious.

I do not like these changes.

I love that the Moon impacts our bodies. I understand that being female, menstruation impacts my hormones.

But this is not helpful. Especially not when it’s two weeks out of every month.

Is there a meditation or spell any of you have on-hand that would help me conquer these challenges?

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The triquetra has always held a special mystery for me. I’ve been drawn to the shape since before I knew what paganism was. An intricate, interlocking eternity symbol that I have discovered is impossible for me to draw.


Though the origins of the symbol are muddy, I find myself drawn to it repeatedly.

Sure, it can stand for the maiden, mother, crone goddess or for the Christian Trinity, but for me, it just seems to display the complex, interconnectedness in life. All the moments of synchronicity line up and I realize that life is connected, dependent on a multitude of factors.

I’ve learned not to overlook the things I love, the things I am drawn to.

What are you drawn to?

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Pagan Devotional

Whether you are a veteran pagan looking for correspondences, a newbie looking to learn, or a passer-by just stopping by to peek–Welcome! I am so glad you are here.

I started Every Day Pagan because I believe spirituality is strongest when we live it every day. When it suffuses our lives, our practices, our speech. It’s actually something the Christians do well, and something I missed when I left the Christian church. I missed the devotionals and the structure of it all.

So, when I began my own studies, my year-and-a-day, I set a structure for myself. Each morning, I read from a book on paganism, studied one tarot card and did a simple tarot reading for myself.

As time went on, I added a morning meditation, sabbat rituals, and readings for others, but nothing ever took the place of this daily habit.


The overwhelming thing about being Pagan is that we don’t have a book to follow. Sure, there are various leaders you can follow and traditions you can choose from, but before you know if you are Gardnerian or Alexandrian or Dianic or, or, or… there’s just this seemingly insurmountable book hole of information to get lost in.


And most of what we learn is based on experience and intuition.

So, to be clear, I am not here to give a definitive “book” to work from.


Really, I’m here to give a daily intake of information.
Again, I believe that the practice of daily living in our beliefs matters.

Moreover, my goal is to organize this information so that it’s easy to remember and makes some logical sense. This will help you retain the meaning of each card, stone, and herb or other correspondence offered.

Stay tuned. Keep up with the Pagan Devotional with the Category on the left sidebar “Pagan Devotional” and with the Tags Marked Day 1, Day 2, etc.

Day 1 coming tomorrow!

I hope you enjoy what you find here.

I hope you share it with someone who might find this useful, and more than anything, I hope the gods reveal themselves to you in a way that allows you to be your full self. Every day.

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A Time for Change

I have written a little about where my heart is these days, about the call of the forest and my deep desire to simply disappear from this world into a quieter one where my hands are muddy and my soul is free from concrete and the white noise.

Finally, my efforts to make that reality are showing in my physical and metaphysical pursuits.

I apologize for the poor quality photo, but this is my morning reading from yesterday.


Change is afoot.

I am the Tower, the destruction of things built on false beliefs. My foundation is Death, the end of a cycle of my life. The Devil is behind me along with his deception. A journey forward is the crowning thought of my life and Karma, good luck, and my King are on my side, in my future.

This reading made me so happy and validated all of the turmoil and hard work I have endured so far.

I am really looking forward to where this all will lead.

More Information:
If you’ve never used the Celtic Cross spread before, there are several variations out there. The one I use is as follows:

celtic cross spread

  1. You- This is the card that indicates your current state in your journey.
  2. What Surrounds You-These are the influences most directly impacting you right now.
  3. What Blocks You-Any potentially problematic issues you will face.
  4. Your Foundation
  5. Your Immediate Past
  6. Crowning Thoughts
  7. Your Immediate Future
  8. How to Present Yourself to the World.
  9. What to focus on/Inner Aspects of Self.
  10. Hopes/Fears -Which are often the same thing. (Hoping for happiness and stability is the same as fearing discord and instability)
  11. Outcome.

What Tarot spread is your favorite?

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I’m Glad They Don’t Take Us Seriously.

When I first saw this video

I was angry. The dopey music put me off. The weird video clips and ending the piece by focusing on Christians…? It was all infuriating.

As I thought more about it, I got angrier. Christians only make up about 7 percent of the population, but they seem to control the dialog. Even major publications like the New York Times present Christian beliefs and prayers as completely normal, completely rational and normative Read More. but somehow, pagan beliefs are ridiculous.

No plunky music plays over clips of church services. No counter-“curses” are thrown their way.


Then, as I sat down to write this, I realized something else: it’s a good thing. It’s good no one takes us seriously as pagans. It’s good they don’t see us as policy influencers or reputable believers.

It’s good because if they continue to see us all as caricatures, Dungeons and Dragons cosplayers chanting in smoky basements before going back to our video games and science fiction books, then they leave us alone.

Pagans are as multi-faceted as the gods we worship. We believe many things, look a million ways and live a million lives the “mainstream” religions could never understand.

And it’s good for us.

While they focus on countering our prayers, our spells aimed at making the world a better place, we continue forward. We mind our own business and call to the gods that predate their books, their religion, their constraints.

So instead of getting angry, I have this to say: Ignore us. Underestimate us. And, leave us alone.


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There are not many spiritual shops in the Midwest. Mostly, if you’re not a Christian, you’re relying on Walmart candles, smoke-shop incense, and books purchased online to learn from.


I think learning from nature is great, but it doesn’t work for everyone. I am a cottage witch, a bookworm, and love, love, to learn. I want to consume knowledge and use it to better the lives of my family members and those around me. Unfortunately, most spiritual shops are focused more on selling pretty chachkies than providing access to real knowledge. I hold no ill-will toward anyone brave enough to open a business, but the pure-commerce feeling always leaves me aching for more.

But then there’s Pathways.

Situated in an unassuming brick building in South County St. Louis is the gem of St. Louis’ Pagan community.


Pathways has an abundant variety of spiritual tools for any denomination and practice imaginable, and if they don’t stock what you are seeking, they will gladly guide you to a source that would have it available.

There is no judgment, and so far, there hasn’t been a question they have not been able to help me with.

That isn’t what makes Pathways special, though.

Pathways feels different. It feels like happening upon a sacred circle in a dense forest.

It feels like…church. But in the best way. In the “this is where the gods are” way.

The staff and owners are not playing at paganism to sell pretty crystals. They are pagans. They live it. They source information and gather knowledgeable guides and offer tarot readings and lessons and a million other things. There are shelves full of herbs for sale by the ounce. There are a hundred tarot decks to choose from, candles, stones, books, robes, rings…everything.

But tucked away in the shelves and cases is something else, something I haven’t found in any other “store”: peace.


Peace and enlightenment live in that place, and I encourage you to stop by when you are in the neighborhood. Support them, buy something, and feel the place.

*As a side note, you should know I am not an affiliate for Pathways, and they have not offered compensation for this story in any way. This is simply my opinion on a place you should all go.*


11419 Concord Village Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63123
Store hours: 10:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Monday – Saturday,
11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Sundays

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Feeling Chained

The closer I get to having all of my dreams come true in the modern world, the more my heart cries out for escape from it all.

This week I am supposed to find out the direction of the next 5-10 years of my life. I have a business loan on the horizon, a paycheck that will enable me to get a HOME for my family. A real place. A permanent place.

It’s everything I have been working for.

And suddenly I just want to run away. I want to scoop up my family, and drive into the deepest part of the forest and just disappear from modern life.


I want to start with a tent or a shed and sacks of flour and sugar and little else.
I want to forage and cut down the trees to build our home.
I want to hunt and fish and live off the land.
(All things my family is capable of, by the way).


I want to listen to the animals and watch my children invent games with nothing more than their own minds and the sticks and stones around them.

I long for it.

I couldn’t manage it this year. I couldn’t manage the funding soon enough to get away for a road trip, much less a permanent piece of land somewhere.
But I long for it. I really do.


Instead of getting depressed, I decided to take action. I realize that I cannot simply uproot my family. I cannot pull my children from their community, their school, away from grandparents they love. If we moved, it would have to be in stages, summers spent building a home on some land while we rent a home in their school district.

My way forward is the responsible way, the way of the hearth, Brighid’s way.

My first action was to make a money oil. I wasn’t thrilled with any of the “recipes” in my spell books, so I looked on up online and discovered an awesome resource in Noah Tempestarii. He is a kindred spirit making connection with Deity practical and accessible. Check him out.

Anyway, his money oil way simple and inspired, containing herbs I agreed with.

With this oil, I am going to do a money spell tonight in the glow of the waxing moon.

As the moon grows, so will my income.

I am not asking to get rich quick or to take from anyone. I am refocusing my efforts on earning and drawing money to my efforts.

I don’t think money solves everything, but if I am to exist in this world, I must operate within it.



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I had a detailed dream last night that my family and I were running a pagan-centered booth at the local flea market.

I was so happy in the dream, so at peace, and it made me long to have a physical store again.

The thought has blossomed to a full-blown dream.


Now I have this longing that in 10 years the pagan community I have built full of people I love will run a little roadside cottage full of healing sessions, crystals, tarot reading, and pagan supplies for the rural Midwest.


How lovely does that sound?

That dream is sustaining me today when I am super nervous about the big decisions I have made for myself and my family.

I am a cottage witch in my soul. A priestess of the woods. Every decision I make going forward is aimed at manifesting that dream.


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Merry Solstice!

Check out this playlist!

I know some people started celebrating yesterday, but my calendar and the sunrise/sunset calendar say today’s the day!

Today started with waking up at sunrise, sitting out on the front porch (until the mosquito trucks came) and a meditation.


I took a detour from my normal mantra, though it made an appearance too. Instead, this morning I took the time to work on my chakras a little. I have been so overwhelmed with options, choices and generally lacking a clear, focused direction. So this morning, using the energy of the sun at its strongest, I focused on my chakras, and an interesting thing happened….


Normally my chakra meditation starts with my roots and works up–pretty typical–but I use the energies to feed my root chakra, where I feel the least connected. Today I realized this also channels the energy through my sacral chakra, my creative center. My sacral chakra does NOT need any help. I am firing creatively on all centers. Instead, I need that energy to move UP.

I need that energy to fuel my connection to other, my communication skills and my ability to see to the core of problems to help people.

So I reversed course.

Instead of pulling energy down to my root, I pushed it up to my throat and third eye chakras.


Here’s a great, simple chakra meditation from Womangic!


Now, I’m taking the day to contemplate and focus on building on that energy and pour myself into the projects I have going before starting any others.

Oh, and I left one of my roller perfumes out in the garden to soak up the sun’s energy to be used all year to energize my goals and focus my attention!

How are you celebrating the holiday?