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Day 15. Death.

Tarot: XIII-Death

Possibly the most feared and controversial card of all, Death holds the most potential and promise. Death indicates the end of a cycle and therefore, it also indicates the beginning of a new cycle. Death ushers us from one thing to the next just as physical death moves us from this place to the next. To benefit from change, you must let the old cycle die. Celebrate it or grieve it and then look forward to what comes next.

Stone: Amethyst

Amethyst offers protection during times of change. As old cycles die, it is natural to experience fear of the unknown ahead. Before the path becomes clear, keep amethyst with you to guard and guide you in those times.

Herb: Clove

Strong, protective, and cleansing, Clove is a powerful tool in any homeopathic remedy kit. There are many uses for clove from numbing tooth aches to helping ear aches.

pentagram resizedRITUAL– Clove’s numbing agent is a powerful deflector of negative energy. In times of upheaval and massive change (even when it’s good change) utilize clove to ward off negativity so you can make the most of whatever cycle is about to begin!

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