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Day 12. The Wheel of Fortune.


Tarot: X-The Wheel of Fortune

A reflection of the Wheel of the Year, The Wheel of Fortune is a reminder that all things ebb and flow in cycles. Bad times will come to an end, and celebration will return, but also, good times do not last forever. You must be diligent and keep looking forward, moving willingly with the wheel so as not to be thrown off.

Stone: Tiger’s Eye

The symbol of wisdom. Tiger’s Eye is complex and calm in its marbling that is constantly connected to every side.

Herb: Elder


The toxins in elder give this plant a powerful banishing property and are therefore used to banish and deflect. It is associated with Litha (the abundance of Summer), the Crone (wisdom), The Otherworld (Death), and Healing. Through this, we see the power of the cycles of nature and life. Wisdom and death of old ways are crucial to the process and newness and growth with come again.

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