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Day 9. The Chariot.

Success in Career.

Tarot: VII-The Chariot

With much the same energy as The Emperor, The Chariot rides in proud and strong. The Charioteer wears a golden crown of pentacles showing this as a time of positive financial change. Oftentimes The Chariot indicates mobility in business ventures, bringing new success and increased financial opportunities. But this king did not simply inherit his kingdom. He earned it, won it. As such, hard work will be required in the new situation.

Stone: Amber

Amber is the “good luck” stone full of the sun god’s promise of energy and manifestation. Carry amber to manifest spells into reality–especially those dealing with career moves and finances.

Remember the inherent qualities of the stone–turning soft, pliable tree sap into stone. Draw on the energy to turn your opportunities into concrete reality.

Herb: Orange

Use the strong, fresh scent of oranges to awaken and energize your body and your spells. The positive energy carried within the fruit clears negativity and can help you in your pursuit of happiness, success, career goals, attraction, and power.


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