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Day 6. The Emperor.

Financial Stability

Tarot: IV-The Emperor 

Co-ruler with the Empress, the Emperor is seated on a throne of gold and represents material wealth where his Empress represents nature’s abundance. The Emperor is often the indicator of success in business and tells of financial success and stability. He reminds us to look at things logically and to use reason to make decisions in the situation at hand.

Stone: Pyrite 

Pyrite is a stone that pulls energy from the earth to create confidence, especially for building wealth. It symbolizes the warmth and power of the sun and carries the energy to create wealth from your own efforts.

Herb: Nutmeg 

Luck, Money, and Health.

bottle-954645_1280 Homeopathy
Use nutmeg to bring comfort. The warm, familiar scent will instantly remind the user of pumpkin pie and fall mornings.

1. Use Nutmeg essential oil in a massage oil to bring comfort and a feeling of home and connectedness.
2. Bake a pie or simmer a cup of water with nutmeg and vanilla to fill the home with the scent.

building-2027169_640 Around the House

Nutmeg, along with Cedarwood and Lavender, serves as a bug repellant.

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