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Day 4. The High Priestess.



**Note: I am playing with different formats. Chek the photo descriptions for information today. This should make it easier to download and pin with all the information you need. Let me know what you think.**

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The High Priestess appears in times of spiritual growth and achievement. She sits on the throne of the moon and delivers knowledge and connection to the cycles of the earth. She is the gatekeeper of secrets and can indicate hidden things that will come to light and encourages you to trust your instincts.


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Sage is the go-to herb for cleansing and purifying. Use to clear a sacred space, bless and consecrate a home, cleanse crystals, and to set intentions in meditation.

bottle resized Homeopathy 
Fill a cloth bag with fresh sage leaves and steep in a hot tub. Soak in tub, deeply breathing in steam to help clear chest congestion.
(More Information on a few Sage Remedies here).

pentagram resized.jpgRitual 
Making your own smudge stick is very simple. Follow these basic instructions for any smudge stick you wish to make.



Lapis brings together the mind and the voice to create clear communication and helps to sort out important topics. Use in times of deep reflection or to enhance communication.

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